Filing Procedures

1. Receive the form from the Secretary of State via US Postal Mail

  • You will also be sent an email notification of this requirement by the University

2. Complete the form using the form-specific questions page for reference

  • Fill in your name and home mailing address if you use a blank form.  Otherwise, the form from the Secretary of State will already have this detail pre-printed
  • Put "n/a" in any blank where you do not have a response
  • Sign the back side of your form in the designated signature space

3. Make a photocopy or preserve an image of your completed form for your records (it is infrequent, but in the event your form does not make it to its destination, it will be much simpler to just re-sign the copy you have)

4. Place the form in the mail to the University Ethics and Compliance Office (prior to April 17, 2019)

University Ethics and Compliance Office
Human Resources Building, Room 20
One University Plaza, HRB 20
Springfield, IL 62703-5407

5. After April 17, 2019, send directly to the return address listed on the form and provide an image to the University Ethics and Compliance Office clearly marked “COPY” at

6. Upon receipt of your original form, the University Ethics and Compliance Office will send you a confirmation email to your University email account.  Confirmations will not be sent for copies or images.

7. Your original form will then be mailed to the Secretary of State for filing

8. The Secretary of State will provide you with a paper mailing to confirm receipt and filing of your form

Please visit the FAQ Statements section of our website to learn more about penalties for late filing and other common questions.

For information specific to the Supplemental Statement form, please visit the Supplemental Statement of Economic Interest Form page of our website.